Dr. Townsend is an optometrist who understands the need to examine the product you are being offered. That’s why he stocks a wide selection of eyeglass frames. You can take all the time you need to try them on during your visit.

The best choice for new eyeglasses…

  • Over 500 of the latest frames, styles, and colors
  • Dozens of children’s frame styles and colors
  • Bifocals, tinted, and photosensitive lenses
  • Sports and industrial safety glasses
  • No-Line Multifocals
  • 90-Day Price Guarantee on Frames: frame prices are guaranteed to be competitive for the exact product for 90 days, or the difference between our price and the competition’s will be refunded
  • Two-Year Lens Replacement Guarantee: Damaged lenses will be replaced for free during the first 12 months of ownership and for 50% of the retail cost during the second 12 months (if there is no prescription change)
  • Two-Year Frame Guarantee: A same retail frame will be replaced during the first 12 months of ownership at no cost and for 50% of the retail cost during the second 12 months
  • 100% Accurate Prescription Guarantee: We guarantee that the prescription will be 100% accurate or I will redo the eye exam and provide new lenses at no cost to you

Many patients leave our office with their new prescription eyeglasses after their appointment!

Find the Perfect Eyeglasses!

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